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2000 State Board Members
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Nebraska State Student Nurses Association
2000 State Board Members


President - Joe Mangiameli - Nebraska Methodist College

First Vice President - Courtney Rae Koch - Northeast Community College

Second Vice President - Laura Carlson - Midland Lutheran College

Treasurer - Jami Finch - Northeast Community College

Secretary - Jamie Ficken - Midland Lutheran College

Communications Editor - Melissa Prochaska - Midland Lutheran College

Nominations Chair - Jenni Janecek - Midland Lutheran College

Image of Nursing Chair - Torri Merten - Clarkson College of Nursing

Legislative Chair - Elli Willer - Northeast Community College

Breakthrough to Nursing Chair - Jennifer Lundgren - Northeast Community College

Community Service Chair - Michelle Shock - Northeast Community College

Student Advisor - Suzy Bohlen - 2000 Graduate of BSN Program at Nebraska Methodist College

Nebraska League for Nursing Consultant - Verla Youngquist from Bryan School of Nursing

Nebraska Nurses Association Consultant - Kate Pepin from Nebraska Methodist College

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